The free spins feature in slot games

Developers are aware that free spins within individual slots are becoming increasingly attractive, and the list of titles with this rewarding feature is constantly growing! Play with one of the casinos in the table below, and explore the assortment of games with free spins features!

Free spins slots explained

As a general rule, free spins are unlocked once you manage to line up a certain combination of symbols that function as scatters, or simply free spins icons. All these combinations will be explained in the paytable for each specific game.

Normally, these spins will be played based on the total amount of your bet during the round that triggered them. But some slots come with a multiplier value with the potential of doubling, tripling or even increasing your winning amount by as much as 1,000x in some cases! Whatever the value, your free round of spins shall serve as a welcome break for your pocket and as an excellent chance to secure more winnings.

Triggering your free spins

Depending on the slot game, free spins can be triggered in different ways. Older slots normally offer a set number of extra spins with a set multiplier value once you land three or more symbols.

In some games, you have to play a bonus game that can result in high multiplier values to be played for all free spins awarded. There are also games where you have to spin a bonus wheel featuring segments which award different number of free spins combined with a different multiplier value.

Some slots nowadays also give you the possibility to choose the multiplier for specific icons, giving you the possibility to get involved in the outcome of your game. Free spins slots have never been so varied and exciting!


Another interesting feature in some slot games is the possibility of re-triggering those much loved free spins. With certain slots, if you land on an additional set of three or more scatters during one of the free spins, you get an additional set of free spins to play!

Sounds exciting? Try out some of the free spin slots on offer by our casinos to unlock your own free spins and increase your chances of making some extra cash. The possibilities are endless!